Web 2.0

Get Social!

Web 2.0, otherwise known as Social Media, allows individuals to interact and share comments with others.

Used in a business setting, it's a great way to help your website visitors get answers to their questions (i.e., "Which one of these software options work best?", "How was your experience with a particular Coach or Vendor", etc.).

It's also a great way to attract and retain website visitors and generate ad revenues from your pages.

SyndicateItPro.com helps you maximize your Web 2.0 potential with the following options for helping your website visitors interact with others:

How To Offer Content From Your Website

Adding Social Media is easy with SyndicateItPro.com: simply load the html coding we provide onto your website. Your Discussion Forums and Event Calendars will have your look-and-feel and complete branding. We'll push the content to you and send you a commission check at month end; it's that simple!

Sample Layout

Action Steps

Content Areas

We offer syndicated content for the HR, Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Mortgage, Real Estate, Health Care, Safety, and IT industries in the following areas:

Specialty Directories:
Web 2.0