Provide Your Website Visitors With A Career Center!

Consider: A new employee needs training. Companies must keep current with changing laws and regulations. Designations come into vogue or are required to get a promotion. People need training for a new job.
Whatever the reason, offering a Career Center on your website puts you in a position to fill your visitors' needs, to keep them from going elsewhere, and to earn money while doing it!

Available Educational Options

With, you benefit from our 10 years experience in offering industry-leading content for the HR, Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Mortgage, Real Estate, Health Care, and IT industries to offer the following "Career Center" products and services: Our plug-and-play coding allows you to offer seminars, conferences, books, CDs, Manuals, audio conferences, webcasts, online courses, and more to your visitors. They benefit by finding the training and education they need. You benefit by fulfilling their needs and earning a commission for doing it!

How It Works

You simply load the html coding we give you, and we'll automatically feed you the newest and best-selling content for the areas you select. Other than promoting it, no extra work is required on your part.

Your website visitors simply select the product, license, Designation, etc. of their choice, and are instantly shown applicable online, seminar, or self-study training options.

They purchase the training directly from your website, and we'll take care of order fulfillment and send you a commission check at the end of the month. It's that simple!

Example: Order Taking

How To Offer Content From Your Website

Our Syndication program permits your organization to private-label the above-mentioned content for sale and distribution to your members, customers, and/or website visitors.

All content is provided in a plug-and-play format for displaying on your website or delivering to the email boxes of your members and customers.

The content can have your look-and-feel and complete branding. You simply select your desired content areas and decide where to put it on your website. We'll push the content to you and send you a commission check at month end; it's that simple!

Sample Layouts

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Action Steps

Content Areas

We offer syndicated content for the HR, Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Mortgage, Real Estate, Health Care, Safety, and IT industries in the following areas:

Specialty Directories:
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